April 16, 2016

Today I uploaded an octopus snuggling his favorite teddy bear.  You can blame this drawing on parenthood and a serious interest in science podcasts. 

See, I really like octopi.  They're extremely intelligent and they're dextrous and they're just like aliens on earth.  Fascinating.  So I took one and tried to give him something good to hug.  A couple weeks ago I drew one destoying a ship, but I wasn't interested enough in the ship to make it truly interesting, so I decided on a teddy bear instead. 

The teddy bear is heavily influenced by the facial expressions made by my infant son and by Daniel Tiger.  He's meant to feel very cute and floppy and babylike.  So kawaii.  The octopus isn't squeezing him too hard, but tightly enough that his ownership is obvious.  My older son has a similar bear that really gets a beating.

Anyway, I really love how this drawing came out.  Go see it in the ink section.

Also, if you like podcasts and science, You're the Expert is fantastic.  They invite innovative scientists on and have comedians try to guess what they do all day. 

April 4, 2016

Two drawings have been added to the ink section today.  In both some sailors are in for terrible surprises - one from a whale and the other from Cthullu himself.


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